Come and try a whole new kind of event! 


Run-Archery is a sport that combines target archery and running, similar to Olympic Biathlon.  Its popular in Europe, but very new to the US, and this is likely the only event of this type of the Northwest.


You'll run four short cross country loops (totalling around 5K), and shoot at targets in between.  Like Olympic ski-rifle biathlon, keeping your heart rate low enough to shoot well is the challenge! 


You can try this if you are new to archery, running, or both!  Check the "training" tab for places to set up an archery lesson or get a running training plan.  Both Novice and Competitive divisions are available!


This is a great family event.  Check the "registration" tab for special family pricing. 


This event raises money for two great organizations:  Girls on the Run and National Archery in the Schools Program.  Check out the "Sponsors and Partners" tab to find out more about these groups.