6:00-7:00  We'll unlock the gate.  Parking and Registration volunteers will set up.  Vendors may also set up as early as this.


7:00-9:00  Check in for pre registered participants begins.  Day of Race registration opens. 


The following heat times are approximate!  I really don't know how long each heat will take, and we'll move quickly along to the next heat as one finishes.  Please be on site well before your heat beginning time.  It'll be fun to watch other heats!


9:00     Heat 1   (Juniors, age 8-11)  Remember, parents may run with juniors.


10:00   Heat 2   (Novice Youth, 12 and up) 


10:45   Heat 3  (Novice Women)


11:30   Heat 4   (Novice Men)


12:15   Heat 5   (Competitive Women, Any Bow Type)


1:00     Heat 6   (Competitive Youth)


1:45     Heat 7   (Competitive Men, Any Bow Type)


We have chosen to run all the competitive heats together, regardless of bow type.  There will, however, be separate awards for traditional and compound bows. 


This is a start at a schedule.  Obviously, it may change if we have to add more heats.  Heats can only be 20 persons, due to the size of the archery range.  Please let us know if you have any questions!