Competitive and Novice Divisions (except Juniors)


  Lap 1  (RED)       1.03 miles  

Begins in front of the viewing area and quickly enters a trail, rolling along through some forrest and some grassy fields, and ending with a twisty, turny, kinda fun hilly finish into the archery range. 


  Lap 2  (YELLOW)       .43 miles 

An out and back down the gravel road with a wooded lollipop loop at the end.  Back to the archery range on road.


  Lap 3  (GREEN)       .96 miles 

This one is my favorite!  Begins with some grassy fields and soon enters some wooded trails and wetlands.  Somewhat rolling terrain, and finishes with the same twisty, turny entrance into the archery range as lap 1. 


  Lap 4  (BLUE)      .48 miles 

Quick finish!  An out and back on the gravel road for a fast finish in front of the viewing area. 




Juniors (8-11)


  Lap 1 (RED)      Approx .75 miles

Begins in front of the viewing area and quickly enters same route as RED above, eliminating the last 1/4 mile.


  Lap 2 (YELLOW)      .43 miles  

Same as above.


  Lap 3 (GREEN)      Approx .75 miles 

Same as above, but eliminates the last 1/4 mile.


  Lap 4 (BLUE)      Approx .25 miles

Same quick finish as above, but the turn around is a bit sooner.


In the Junior category, adults may run with their children, if they want to!



Shooting Distances

Novice - 15 yards

Competitive - 30 yards

I was hoping for 40 yards for the competitive division, but just couldn't make it work.  Target sizes are 13.5 inches for novice heats and 8 inches for competitive heats.


Please note:  All participants will be running with the bow, and leaving 9 arrows at the shooting range.  If you are a novice, arrows and bows are provided.  Competitive archers and those novices who wish to use their own arrows, will need to bring nine arrows, mark them, and plan on leaving them at the course while they run.  No arrows can be retrieved until all participants have completed the final shoot for that heat.